Circus Akimbo

Circus Akimbo classes make life fun, by sparking creativity, confidence and happiness. Our students thrive in a collaborative community environment where they are encouraged to embrace their quirks to create unique performances with high level skills.

Term 2:
Monday 1st May - Sunday 2nd July (Kids, 9 weeks)
Monday 25th April - Sunday 2nd July (Adults, 10 weeks)

Term 3:
Monday 24th July - Sunday 24th September (9 weeks)

Playgroup 1-5yrs

Playgroup is a fun and social session for parents and kids to learn and discover circus together. With challenges enough for even the most adventurous child and gentle progressions for even the most shy, children will love playing and exploring the wide variety of options at circus playgroup.

Junior Circus 4-7yrs

Junior circus is a fun class, mixing circus skills on the ground in the air to help children develop confidence, coordination and fitness as they progress through challenges. Your child will be ecstatic about all their new skills, and you'll love seeing their confidence skyrocket!

Youth Circus 7-17yrs

Circus Akimbo youth classes get children and teenagers learning new skills from their very first session! Our students are in a fun, community environment where they work individually and in groups to explore the wide variety of apparatus available at each class, including juggling, unicycling, hooping and more, all guided by our professional trainers. There is something for everyone at circus, and our students develop increased coordination, confidence and fitness over an 8-10 week term.

Adult Circus 16yrs & over

Our adult classes cover a wide variety of ground and aerial skills, taught with achievable progressions in a fun and social setting. Challenge yourself with aerial silks, get moving with hoop dance or try it all in a Sunday session. All ages and levels are welcome!

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