A Very Circus Christmas Party

You might have a strong work ethic, but are you strong enough to lift your workmates? If you’re stuck planning the office Christmas party have no fear! At Circus Akimbo you can have the most stress free party planning experience there is. All you need to do is book your party, then show up on … Read more

Take a Circus Snapshot!

It certainly is true that one of the most attractive things about circus is that it looks great on your instagram. But wouldn’t it be great to get some of those impressive snaps off insta and show them off in a new way? Well now you can! We just got in our new photo printer, … Read more

Will Circus Suit My Child?

Newfound friends learning new skills on the double trapeze

Sporty kids and kids that are bursting at the seams with energy seem like they would be the perfect little circus performers, but what about everyone else? Have a scroll through this post to see whether circus is the right fit for your child. The “Shy” KidAnswer: YesKids who are quiet and not especially outgoing … Read more