Book Week: Circus books for kids & teens

People have been fascinated with circus for centuries, and it keeps popping up in pop culture from music and movies through to books, plays and even party themes. To celebrate book week this year, I thought I’d share two of my favourite circus books.

night circusThe Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

Perhaps one of the best known amongst circus performers, this book is beautiful and I would recommend it to everyone! With magic, action, romance and imagination, this book has it all

Recommended ages: teens and up

This is an easy read but probably best for the older kids, late primary school and high school.


If I Ran the Circus – Dr Seuss

This Dr Seuss classic is a great one for the younger primary school kids, filled with his signature wit and imagination. The young narrator, Morris McGurk takes us on an adventure as he imagines what his very own circus would look like.


Feeling inspired? I’ve scoured the internet and found a few circus reading lists for kids and teens:

I didn’t manage to find one for adults, so stayed tuned for another post coming soon! Happy reading 🙂


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