Chatswood Family Festival

Exciting news, we have another public show coming up! This weekend Circus Akimbo will be putting on workshops and shows as part of the Chatswood Family Festival.

Information for Spectators

Come along at 10am or 1pm on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th January to see our staff and students put on a show, and then join us for a workshop in between to learn some of the skills you’ve seen!

Information for Performers

Please make sure you’re at the grassy area outside the Concourse at 9am to get used to the area and sort out any last minute concerns. We’ll have a marquee set up for you to put your things in and there are bathrooms nearby to get changed.

You’ll need to bring your costume, a back up of your music (or send it through to me), a bottle of water and light snacks to keep you going. We’ll be doing two shows per day, so you’ll want things that keep you energised without filling you up too much so you feel gross being upside down. Bananas, muesli bars, sandwiches etc are all good options, and we’re right next to Westfield. Hopefully we’ll have good weather, but please bring a few layers in case it’s hot/cold/windy, and have something to wear over your costume if you need to go for a wander. Bonus points for Circus Akimbo tshirts!

If you can only do certain shows, please let me know, as I’ll put together a running order this week so that everyone who wants to perform gets the chance. I’d also love you to stick around for the workshop in the middle, so that people get a chance to meet the performers and learn from you, but if you need to go grab lunch that’s also fine.

Specifically for youth circus performers: Parents, you’re welcome to drop them off at 9am and come back at 2pm, we’ll have supervision on site that whole time. You can also hang out with us, help with anything you’d like to, or drop in and out while doing your shopping. Thanks for supporting your kids!

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