Circus Journeys: Edie

Next up in our Circus Journeys series is Edie! Since early 2017 she’s been bringing her bubbly energy to classes at Circus Akimbo. Prior to circus, Edie had done various forms of dance for over 27 years, and she will be representing the studio at the Australian Circus Festival in November.

How & why did you get started in circus? 

After taking some time out from competitive body building, I wanted to get back into something that allowed a little more freedom and a strong creative outlet. I had been talking about starting a class for so long, and decided to just take the step and go to a beginner class. I went on my own and didn’t know anyone, but left feeling so inspired. I have been hooked ever since.

I don’t think there is really anything I could do now that people would have some form of reaction to, I’ve done so much and spent so many times on stage from when I was younger, from my competitive pole dancing days (competing as Darth Vader is probably one of my most memorable routines to date), through to entering the Crossfit Open after 5 months.

Where has that led you?

Since starting my training with aerials, I’ve won the Intermediate category for Miss Lyra NSW 2017/2018 and was 1st runner up Intermediate category Miss Lyra Australia. I’ll also be performing at Quirky Circus and competiting in the Australian Circus Festival Gold Show. My training schedule currently (and has been for the last few weeks in the lead up to my comps) two private lessons a week, inter/adv class training, and an additional 2 hours of open training. I also try and stretch at home every second night, and do 3 yin yoga sessions before bed for 45minutes.

What’s next for you?

At the moment, my energies are now on my November performances, I’m regularly working on my costume, working on conquering moves, heights and drops that scare me so I can be more confident on stage. I would really like to be a part of Miss Lyra again next year, and hopefully Rising Aerial All Stars in 2019. I think my biggest dream would absolutely be to perform in various Fringe Festivals around Australia, just having the best time, doing what I love, and bringing an array of characters to life. Eventually international fringe festivals would be a long-term goal, so until then, I just want to keep focusing on finding the joy in my training and continually work towards becoming an all rounded performer.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to start circus training?

I think the most important thing to remember is to never compare yourself to someone else and what they are doing. Know that it is ok to not get things first go or even second or third, but have the confidence in yourself to know what eventually you’ll get that hard move, or be able to feel comfortable at heights, fast spins etc. It is always so much easier to give up than to keep working at something. Even today, I am still scared of heights, and fast spins, but its something I will continue to work on.

Share knowledge and help others when you do get to that stage, always want the best for those around you and be genuinely kind to everyone backstage. Everyone has something going on that we may not know about, so showing support and kindness is always a big thing for me. The circus community is so kind hearted, it really is a great environment to be around.


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