Corona Update

By now you’re probably sick of hearing about COVID-19, but this page is where you’ll be able to find the latest updates about how we’re handling things at Circus Akimbo. We’re committed to the safety of our staff and students, and that is our priority in these uncertain times. We are ramping up our procedures to ensure safety and provide continuity & certainty for all students.

See the bottom of this post for our plans in case of closure.

Latest Updates

13/06: We’re re-opening! As you may have heard, the NSW government has announced an opening date for studios like ours – this Saturday, 13th June!
We’ve been planning ahead for this date, and are very excited to be able to see all our wonderful students in person again, however we’ve made a few changes to make sure we can keep everyone safe as we transition back.

23/03: In line with the PM’s announcement last night, our studio will be closed to students from midday today. All classes will be running virtually through Zoom. For more information about how this will work, please visit the appropriate page below:

16/03: As our studio is fairly small, with class sizes below 15 students at any one time, the current plan is to remain open as long as public schools do the same. We are monitoring advice from NSW Health and will continue to update students as we have more information. As the virus is lipid based and susceptible to soap, frequent cleaning and handwashing will be our first line of defence. Social distancing has proven to be effective in flattening the curve of virus spread, but we hope to offer classes as long as possible to prevent social isolation and boredom.

Precautionary Measures

Students displaying cold & flu symptoms WILL NOT be allowed to participate in classes

  • Stay home if you are sick. We are temporarily amending the cancellation policy to allow make up classes with less than the minimum notification time and/or in the following term if needed. This includes the following cases:
    • Students who are immunocompromised or are contact with someone who is
    • Anyone who is potentially sick or displaying any symptoms of cold, flu or potential COVID-19
    • If you would prefer to remain home to minimise risk and practise social distancing
  • Notify us: Please let us know immediately if you come into contact with someone or are yourself diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Wash your hands: Staff and students must wash hands upon entering the studio, before and between classes. The outdoor bathroom will be open for students, to avoid the need to walk through a previous class
  • Minimise contact:
    • Partner work will be discontinued wherever possible
    • Spotting will be limited to light spotting, and only where essential
    • Students will need to stay at least 1m from each other

New Studio Procedures

  • Silks will be washed and rotated on a weekly, if not daily basis
  • Mats will be cleaned at the end of each day
  • All surfaces will be sprayed and wiped between classes
  • Hand towels will be temporarily replaced with paper towels – unfortunately health & safety come before environmental concerns
  • Cushions and non-essential gear that cannot be easily cleaned will be temporarily removed from the studio
  • Shared cups and cutlery will be temporarily removed from the studio
  • The roller door will be open during classes to increase ventilation (so make sure you bring extra layers on cold days!)

In case of closure

As most of our staff are casual workers, it is our intention to provide ongoing services and virtual classes to our students so there is still a studio to come back to after closure. Students working on ground skills will be entitled to borrow one set of circus equipment e.g. 3 juggling balls, a hula hoop, flower stick & hand sticks etc.

Adults: Students can now book into virtual classes, with ground based conditioning and skills that students can work on from home. The zoom link will be sent to all enrolled students.

Kids: The warm up has been pre-recorded, and students will join a group zoom call to talk through term goals and give students feedback & new challenges. To opt into virtual classes, simply drop us an email with the subject line Virtual Classes and your child’s name & class time in the email. We’ll then send out an email with links to join the group call and view the content.