Recreational Circus Trainer: Level Zero

12 students

This course is designed as an introduction to circus training. The content is intended to complement pre-existing circus skills to serve as a starting point for your journey from student to trainer, and addresses training techniques, safety guidelines and your responsibilities as a trainer. By the end of the course, you should have a personalised road map of how you want to teach your classes.

You will not learn any new circus skills nor is this something that will qualify you in an official sense, other than to show that you care about your students and want to follow best practise in furthering their education. To make best use of this course, seek out a mentor for ongoing feedback about your performance as a trainer, and commit to the exercises suggested at the end of each section. Just remember your work doesn’t need to be perfect, this course is just the start of your journey.

This training is available free of charge in the hopes that it will help to elevate the standards of recreational circus training and is particularly suited to volunteers & junior trainers. If you find it useful and can afford it, please pay what you can at the end of the course or purchase something from the Circus Akimbo shop to support this project. We won’t be locking anyone out based on financial means though, so if you can’t donate financially then do so by being an amazing circus trainer, giving back to the community and helping to share the love of circus!



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