Recreational Circus Trainer: Level Zero

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1 thought on “Your Learning Style”

  1. I have a lot of experience and skills in hula hooping. I have experience in aerial equipment but it’s been a few years since I last studied it. I have had to take it up again in order to get my strength and knowledge back again. I have a good knowledge of fitness and making sure that people exercise in a safe manner and have also gained a good knowledge of programming for children and specialised audiences. I also work in education support so I am very keen to put that knowledge into open access circus. I need to learn a lot of other ground equipment skills in order to keep up with my students and be able to help them with their own skills development. I am good at being patient with students and finding different ways of teaching specifics. I have also been recently studying marketing and client retention, which I am to bring into my teaching in order to help in converting trials to enrolments and retaining students. I do need to work on my client interaction and making them feel valued in remembering their names and I have been investigating a few methods of doing this. I enjoy planning lessons and have written plans for kids and adults either as one off workshops or 8-10 week courses but this is particularly relevant to the circus classes at Circus Akimbo as the junior students plan their own goals although I can find ways of helping them reach them in a structured approach.


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