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DIY juggling balls

This is a quick post on how to make your own juggling balls, a good option for beginners who don’t have easy access to juggling balls or as a hands on activity for groups to do the morning before a circus workshop. Just a heads up though, this gets messy with large groups, so if possible you might want to take it outside.

Things you’ll need
Flour: Allow 60-150g per ball, depending on how big you want them. Ours were about 80g
Freezer bags, or other small plastic bags: 1 per ball, plus a few extras in case of holes and mistakes
Balloons: 2-3 per ball, or more if you want specific patterns
Cup, to help measure out flour
Scales (optional): These help to make sure all your balls are the same size, though you can make a fairly good guess just from holding them
A tarpaulin, or an outdoor area where you can make a mess!

Step 1: Turn a freezer bag inside out, and use it to scoop out a hand sized amount of flour. You want it to fit comfortably in your palm. (See below for photo tutorial)

Step 2: Loosely twist up the end of the bag, leaving a bit of air inside it so your juggling balls are a bit squishy, or squeezing all the air out if you prefer them to be quite solid (not recommended for beginners).

Step 3: Pick your first balloon colour, and cut off the neck of the balloon so you’re left only with the round body. Stretch the cut balloon over the bag of flour. Smaller kids will need help cutting the balloon, and may find this step easier if someone else stretches the balloon out for them to put the bag of flour inside.

Step 4: Repeat this step with one or two more balloons, experimenting with different colours and patterns to make your own unique juggling ball. You can cut holes in these layers (before putting the balloons on!) to create different effects, although you’ll want to make sure the bag of flour is fully covered to avoid explosions when the balls are inevitably dropped.

Repeat these steps for each juggling ball. You’ll need three to get started with juggling, though you could make four or five now so you’re prepared for harder tricks (however you might find by that stage you’re ready to use real juggling balls). Happy juggling!

Stay tuned for more tutorials, including one on what to do with your newly made set! Return to our blog or home page for more information, or contact us at info@circusakimbo.com.au with questions, comments or ideas for other articles you’d like to see.

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