Handmade Juggling Balls: Sew Your Own

Years ago we put up a simple blog post on DIY juggling balls, using the method you’ve probably seen before with flour and balloons. If that’s all you’re after, head on over to DIY Juggling Balls for instructions and a visual guide.

However, if you’re looking for something a bit more special that you can customise to your hearts content, read on to learn how to sew your own handmade juggling balls out of fabric.


You will need approximately 30x50cm of fabric per juggling ball, to make 4 panels 7cm wide and 12cm tall. Mixing and matching fabrics is fine, so this is a great one to use up scrap fabric. You will also need a filling material, such as rice, flour, sand or lentils.

Note: if using sand or other very fine material as a filling, you’ll need to select a tightly woven fabric to avoid leaks.


The pattern is available as a free download from our online store, at circusakimbo.com.au/store/juggling-ball-pattern/


We’ve put together a YouTube video with instructions on both types of juggling ball construction. To see how we sewed these handmade juggling balls, start the video at 2:24

If you make these, please tag us on Instagram or Facebook (@circusakimbo) so we can see your creations.

Happy Juggling!