Is circus safe?

Is circus safe?

Is circus safe?

The short answer is no.

That said, Circus Akimbo has never had a serious injury.

How does that make sense?

As with anything, it depends what you do with it. Circus is not a sanitised sport where all elements of risk can be avoided. We don’t wrap people in cotton wool, and the element of risk is part of the allure of circus performances. We do, however, teach positive risk taking (also found in extreme sports like skiing and rock climbing), and teach all our students how to identify and manage risks for themselves.

No, it’s not safe to climb several metres in the air if you’re planning to let go once you’re at the top.

Yes, it can be safe to climb several metres in the air if you know how to get up and back down safely, if there is adequate matting available, if someone is there to supervise or spot when needed, and you have the required strength & technique to do so.

Curious about what goes into our class plans to keep students safe? Our safety policies are available here, or in the footer of the Circus Akimbo website.

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