Party Food

When planning a party at Circus Akimbo, we take care of most of the details – invitations, venue and activities are all sorted! However, if you intend to stay back after the party for cake and presents, you may want to plan some party food for your guests, who will be hungry after all the activities they’ve been doing. We’ve put together a list of some easy party food ideas, and local suppliers to make even that easier. Please note that we’re trying to do our bit for the environment, so we ask that you avoid using disposable plastic where possible. 

DIY: Cheap & simple, you know the guests best so bringing your own food is the easiest way to make sure you cater to their needs. Snack ideas include fruit skewers, popcorn, cheese & crackers, or for a heartier option you could try mini pizzas, sushi or sandwiches. You’ll have access to a bar fridge, kettle and microwave, with a couple of tables to lay food out.


Outsourcing: For an even easier option, try a local pizza shop (Bambinos, Crust, Dominos & Pizza Hut are all in the area), Subway sandwich platters or catering.

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