Why do adult classes have school holidays?

To those of you with kids, school holidays make sense. You know that having a break a few times a year gives you a valuable opportunity for family time and your kids get a break to chat up on homework & play time.

For adults without kids, school holidays can seem like an annoying break in your training, but there’s a few reasons we take that time out at Circus Akimbo.

  1. Your Recovery. As any good fitness guru will tell you, recovery days are vital to your training. Having some time off to let your body and mind recharge can make a world of difference, and often people find that a bit of rest makes those difficult tricks just click. However, you’ll want to keep up your training in other ways while you’re taking a break from specific skills, so have a look at our other article on ways to keep fit while the studio is closed.
  2. Studio Updates. The school term tends to be hectic at Circus Akimbo, so the school holidays are sometimes the only time we get a chance to step back and look at what we’re teaching, as well as catch up on a lot of vital admin. During the holidays we use the time we’re not spending teaching you to go back through syllabus documents, update our training manuals, do trainer training and research the latest in exercise science to make sure you’re getting the best possible classes.
  3. Trainer Recovery. Finally, your trainers may seem like superheros, but they are people too and we value their physical & mental health. Taking a week or two off is every 10 weeks is essential to keep your trainers healthy and happy!

Regular classes are taking a break from 16th – 29th April, and will start back on Monday 30th April. If you want to keep up your training, make sure you are a member of the Circus Akimbo Facebook group where we’ll be posting regular open training session times.

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