Plant A Seed

Learning circus is a lot like planting a seed. It’s fun to get started, even if it might not look like a lot to begin with, but you’ve got to keep watering it until your plant finally blooms.

Plant a seed at your circus birthday partyToday you planted a seed at Circus Akimbo. To make sure it grows, you’ll need to water it every few days or when the soil looks dry. It’s in a peat pot, which means you can plant it straight into your garden or a bigger pot.

Your new plant is hardy and great for first time gardeners (kids included). If you look after it, in 10-12 days the seedling should start to appear and in a few weeks beautiful flowers will begin to bloom!

If you’d like to keep “watering” your new circus skills, you can use the codeĀ plantaseed to join a weekly circus class with a 10% discount for new students. Whether or not you come back, we hope the seeds you’ve planted today continue to bloom!

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