Starting Playgroup

So you’ve booked your first big kid activity! Your first organised activity with a little one is an exciting time and a big moment. How can you help your child adjust? 

  1. Manage expectations: make sure your child knows what they will be doing in class. You might like to google images of the activities, or use the business website to find information & pictures of other kids enjoying the sessions
  2. Prepare the night before: particularly for an early morning activity, you may want to let your child pick out their clothes for the next day and pack what they’ll need so that you don’t have to stress about it the next morning
  3. Arrive early: give yourself plenty of time to get there and find the place. You don’t want the added stress of rushing! You may also find even the most talkative child getting a bit shy of new people, so it will help to have time to settle into the new space and meet their teacher before class

Jugglebugs Playgroup

At Jugglebugs, you’ll be there with your child all the way through the session. It’s a great way to explore new skills together and make some special memories.

In their first session, most kids are a little shy at first, but soon get very excited by all the new gear and may switch between skills quite quickly. Don’t be too worried if they don’t stick to anything for long, there will be a lot of new things to take in.

We start the session with a warm up and obstacle course, to get all our little Jugglebugs ready for the skills they’ll be learning. The trainer will guide each child in finding something they enjoy, but the session is relatively unstructured to allow kids plenty of time to explore at their own pace. Aerial gear is lowered close to the crash mats to let kids try the full range of circus skills in a safe way.

If that sounds like something your child would love, why not join us for a trial class?

If you have any further questions, you can learn more about Jugglebugs Playgroup or contact us at