Bows at the end of the Circus Akimbo student showcase

Performing in a Student Showcase

It’s showcase time at Circus Akimbo! Exactly one month from today our talented adult students and trainers will be showing off their skills to friends and family.

Showcases are an opportunity both to celebrate all your hard work and get some experience performing in front of an audience. For many of you, student nights will be your first introduction to circus performance, so to take some of the guess work out of preparation here are a few things to think about.

Music: Make sure you pick a song you like! It also helps to find something that suits your personality – if you’re naturally laid back, maybe aim more for a slower instrumental piece rather than that uptempo pop song. Which leads into…

Character: For a first performance, don’t worry too much about character work, just looking at the audience can be enough of a challenge! The most important thing for you is to work on smooth transitions and nailing your tricks. But if you’re ready for the next step, try to start with an emotion (happy, sad, angsty etc) or persona (rock star, princess, strong man) that suits your music and matches your personality relatively well. Keep that in mind you’re presenting a trick, or transitioning between tricks, and think about some different ways you can express it.

Costuming: This should suit your music and character, but also think about what you need to perform your act. You might need covered armpits and knees for tissu, or strategic bare skin for certain acro lifts. You’ll probably be able to find plenty in your wardrobe that can work as a costume (colourful tights, button up shirts, tutus, catsuits, jackets etc) and glitter, face paint or make up can help pull it all together. Just try to steer clear of dark colours as you’ll usually be performing against black stage curtains, and thoroughly test out your costume before the day.

A few guidelines for the lead up to the showcase:

  • Be on time to any rehearsals, bump ins or other sessions, don’t make others wait for you
  • Be prepared with a well rehearsed act, finished costume and everything you need to put on a great show
  • Ask for any help you need. Whether it be with costumes, finding songs, needing a test audience, ask! This should be a fun experience and you have a community of people around to support you, so don’t make it stressful by trying to do everything yourself. The Facebook group is a great place to chat about routine ideas and ask for any help you need
  • Help when you can. If you see someone struggling, or have skills to offer, please step up and support each other. It’s also a lot of work putting on a showcase, so if you have technical skills or even some free time the afternoon of the show, let your trainer know!

Finally, don’t forget this is your opportunity to show off! Invite friends and family to the Facebook event and remind them to book their tickets online so the people who matter to you can make it.

Thanks to Kim Brewster Film & Photography and John Humphreys Photography for the photos from previous shows

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