Tell A Friend

Tell A Friend

Circus Akimbo is a small business, so without the big budgets of other companies we rely on creating amazing classes that people talk about. Do you think we’re doing a good job?

If you like what we do and want to tell a friend, as well as getting the satisfaction of converting another happy circus friend, you’ll now also get $10 towards your next purchase! Just send them the referral link at the bottom of your account.

If they make a booking from that link, you’ll be sent a coupon for $10, easy as that!


The referral link looks something like this:

That will take your friend straight to the home page. If you want to share a specific page, like adult classes or these great Aerialist singlets, just add in the exact address before the in the link. For example, would go straight to the parties page

New students can try any class for $10, so everyone wins!

And remember, friends who circus together stay together!

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